RIP beloved angel.

7 years ago, I first started watching Christina Grimmie on YouTube. I was 7 years old and her music gave me chills and tears eyes. Ive always been mesmerized not only by the voice of an angel, but by how strong she stood in the word of God even with the platform she had. she had a love so strong that everyone was envious of. how could that girl stay so strong in her faith with such a broad audience? Hollywood screws so many people up and you thought she was going to be next, but you were wrong. the advantages of her platform never once shook her values and how strong she stood in her faith. yes, she has talent, but through every song, the light of Jesus shines through and any non-believer would tell you that. even the most possessed human in the world could tell you that they felt the spirit of God through her music. her music has inspired so many people, including my family and I. I give my greatest condolences to the Grimmie family and those affiliated with that beautiful angel of the Lord. I know Christina’s music has inspired me in more ways than one and I will thank her one day for the mark she made on this world, on me. I was devestated and angry when I found out the news but that soon turned into understanding. how she died was not at all right in any way shape or form. in fact, it was sickening and cruel in every way possible. however, I’ve come to terms with the fact that she has fulfilled her purpose and it was time that she went home with the King of Kings. I only wish I was able to meet her when she came down here in February, but there was a reason for me not meeting her and I understand and respect that. 

I can only imagine how joyful she must be, dancing and singing with the angels of the Lord. she would only want us to be happy and in celebration of her finally making it to Heaven. it only sucks she made it before us lol. soon enough, Grimmie. see you soon enough. until then, rest easy and try not to ask God TOO MANY questions 🙂
#RIPChristinaGrimmie #GunControl #StopGunViolence 


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