life is a tsunami!!!

there comes a time when the beauty of life suddenly drifts away and becomes this tsunami that tries to swallow you whole. believe me, that tsunami has swallowed me more than once. but we have to fight and conquer that tsunami no matter what it takes. adrenaline, anger, courage, etc. it can knock the wind out of you if you aren’t trying hard enough or you aren’t trying at all.
life is a rocky road. I’ll tell you that straight up front. there’s going to be days where you feel like you’re on top of the world and you’re indestructible, and then there’s those days where you feel like the world is slowly caving in and you can already feel yourself slowly sinking like a puddle of quicksand. I’m sure we’ve all experienced both, let’s all be honest here.
and there’s also those days where you have a mixture of both, bad and good. you feel indestructible but at the same time, you’re slowly sinking. I’m not going to lie, I had one of those days today.
I felt so indestructible all morning and then getting towards night time, I became anxious and afraid. being the only one awake at 10:39pm, I can tell you I’m not as anxious as I was an hour ago. and that is why I love writing because I can focus on writing and all my pain just melts away. writing is my distraction from the world. this is my safe haven. expressing my emotions simply using letters.
sometimes we feel like life is sinking quicksand or a tsunami trying to swallow us whole. in all reality, we only feel like that because we’ve trained our minds to believe that life is vicious, hopeless, and cruel.
did you know our minds have the biggest part in how we think and feel? we let our minds control our life: how we act, how we think, how we feel, and the things that happen in our life. don’t you think it’s about time we shut our minds off and listen to our hearts and how our hearts feel? they do say the heart knows what’s best.
sometimes we may walk bare feet on a rocky road, but that doesn’t mean that life is vicious, hopeless, or cruel. stop letting your mind manipulate you into believing that.
life is a beautiful, graceful, sweet little thing that we’re lucky enough to experience and with the hand of God, be guided through our trials & tribulations. that’s why I believe God puts us in certain situation for a purpose. there is always a purpose for the things we go through and the people we come across in life. I’ve come to terms with the fact that may I’m going through this hardship to bring me closer to God. I haven’t had as close of a relationship with Him over the past few years. I feel like He put me in this situation, not to receive pleasure in watching me struggle, but rather because he knows how strong and brave I am, He knows I’m a warrior and I will fight, and He is never wrong. I’ve always liked the saying “God doesn’t put you in a situation He knows you can’t handle”.
and this has brought me closer to God and craving more of His Word, His eternal love, and wisdom. in fact, I decided a few weeks ago that I needed a change so I started going back to my home church. I’ve gone there ever since I was 3 years old. I’ve gotten back into the youth group, and almost every message has related to certain situations I’ve been in and I am in. I can’t help but just let the Spirit of God take over me. I’ve cried more now than I’ve ever cried in church. I just want to be happy again and I crave that “top of the world” feeling every single day of my life. I will continue to fight battles and absorb God’s Word into my heart and soul.
your mind is the most powerful part of your body. don’t let it manipulate you and take control over your life. we are all children of the King. cast all your fears on Him, for he cares about you. it hurts Him to see you like this. it hurts Him to see ME like this. always remember: there is a purpose behind every situation and everything that happens in this world. and if you can’t believe me, you can find every solution to your problem in the Word of God. trust your Bible. God doesn’t make promises he can’t keep. He doesn’t lie, steal, or destroy.
thank you for listening … and thank you God for this day that we weren’t even promised.
goodnight world 🌙 rest easy now.


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