Happy Valentines Day!

I’m back! I know, I barely post anymore. Been taking some time to renew myself and to correct the wrong in my life. Also, I’ve been working super duper hard on my school and how thankful am I that I have officially finished 10th grade and am already 1/2 of the way through my 11th grade. I’m very proud of myself!!! Plus, there were a few birthday celebrations so all in all, I’ve just been very busy. But here I am!

Happy Valentines Day! Although I’m living that wonderful single life and I don’t have a Valentine this year, I have a few things I’d like to share.

It’s almost as if nobody understands the true meaning behind any holiday or celebration. Everyone seems to believe that Valentines day is all about the couples when it isn’t. 

Valentines day is appreciating and loving on those who surround you, whether it be your boyfriend/girlfriend, your husband/wife, your pet(s), your friend(s), your sibling(s), or your bed.

That is the true meaning behind Valentines day. So, I hope you all enjoy your day, whether you spend it with someone or not, love is in the air and it will put a smile on your face just knowing that.

I’ll be back soon with another topic to go on about, don’t worry 🙂

Mickayla Tregellas


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