Happy Birthday angel!

you’re not 18. i keep saying that in my head, wishing it wasn’t as true as it is. my sister is turning 18 & as much as i wish i could turn back time, i cant find a time travel machine nor do i have the time to build one. i feel like i may shed a few tears today. if you told me when i was born that my sister would be turning 18 january 7th of 2016, i wouldn’t have believed nor would i understand what you were trying to say lol. 
but i’ve realized 18 is just another year. to me, the number 18 means nothing. to others, it may seem like a big deal. but we still get to spend time with each other and create new memories. i can’t wait to be able to start traveling the world with you! i can’t wait to meet new people, explore new places, & just enjoy our life with our wings spread wide so we can soar together!
the man you marry is such a lucky guy, honestly. you are the most AMAZING person i know and i couldn’t ask for a better sister, friend, partner in crime, & adventure buddy! those who hurt you don’t deserve your appreciation, determination, & kindness. you’re such a strong, brave, & independent woman. i sometimes think u don’t always always realize just how beautiful of a person, inside & out, you are. you make me laugh until i cry, you make me smile until my cheeks hurt, and you just plain out make me feel good about myself. you’re constantly encouraging me & giving the best advice when i’m going through crap. i wish everybody in the world came to u for advice, because honestly, you’re so incredible & such a woman of god. i can’t wait to embark on our journey together aswell as independently & discover the future god has ahead of us 🌙☄
happy 18th birthday ash 💗👼🏼 i love you to the galaxy & back, & always remember.



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