dark rainy day

dark rainy day

oh how i wish you could stay

here with me forever

the dark is dark but the light is bright

shield me from the big bright light

im not fighting anymore
my fears come alive

in the middle of the night

lying awake staring at the ceiling

wondering how you truly must be feeling

my thoughts keep me awake

cant fall asleep

i toss and turn until i start to weep

youre on my mind

cant seem to let you go

its been 5 days

dont know if you know
how have you been my friend

do you miss me again

when we stop talking it doesnt make sense

you left me all alone

with nothing but a pillow and a blanket to hold

the darkness comes and reels me in

every force within

i scream and thrash all over the place

but he wont seem to give in

let me go dark i weep

youre hurting me
so i left you alone

ill leave you be

now i can finally be me

im free im me

like a willow tree

swaying into the breeze
dark rainy day

oh wont you please just go away

i dont need your presence anymore

the light is bright but the dark is dark

im fighting you more now than ever before
ill stand my ground

youll see me fight

but the dark side is gone and im reeling in light


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