;13 Things I’m Thankful For;

Today is a very special day to give back to the community and to show your loved ones how thankful you are for their love and support. There are alot of things to be thankful for that not very many people take time to think about. You have a roof over your head, clothes on your body, shoes on your feet, food on the table, fresh water to drink from. What more could you ask for? You’re probably thinking to yourselves ‘why should I be thankful for all of that?’. I’ve got just the right answer to turn your heads straight. Why shouldn’t you be thankful? How can you not be thankful? You could be suffering in worse condition. You could be sleeping under a bridge with torn up clothes, charcoal black feet, dirt to eat, and mud to drink. See my point? Exactly. I’m thankful for the littlest of things that seem as if they don’t matter, but in reality, they’re what makes us who were are and happens to be our only source of survival.

;13 Things I’m Thankful For;

  1. Every breath I breathe, that means I’m still alive.
  2. Every step I take, for I’m still able to walk.
  3. Every decision I make, for nobody can make those decisions for me.
  4. Every time I cleanse, for I’m washing away my sins.
  5. Every mistake I make, for I still am able to learn.
  6. Every sunrise, for God gives me an unpromised tomorrow.
  7. Every sunset, for I have a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in.
  8. Every birthday, for God has given me wonderful parents and lovely siblings.
  9. Every animal, for they’re able to sense sadness and even though they know there’s nothing they can do to help us, they continue to love us endlessly.
  10. Every plant, for without plants, people and a variety of animals wouldn’t survive considering we live off of plants and natural herbs.
  11. Every planet, for Astronauts wouldn’t have their jobs today if planets didn’t exist.
  12. Every living matter, for this world would never be the same without 7.5 trillon living matters.
  13. Every day, for we are not promised today or tomorrow.

No matter how bad you claim your life to be, none of us can act like our lives are perfect, because they aren’t. The truth of the matter is that we all struggle in our day to day lives. You wouldn’t believe if I told you that there is another human being halfway across the world who is going through what you’re going through. I’m being completely honest with you. You are never alone. And there is always a reason to be thankful. Take my words for it, considering I can’t claim to have a perfect life that I never had and never will have.

I’m thankful for my heart that stills beats, considering it has to work extra hard just to pump blood into my body. I’m thankful for all the opportunities I’ve been given. I’m thankful for my friends and family for being my support system. All the love and thanks to God for putting up with me for 14 years and for loving me and taking good care of me. I have a love for my Lord that is stronger than any other type of love and I didn’t even know it could exist. Thank you God. And thank YOU for reading this long, sappy, post about giving thanks. Man, you’ve sure got some patience. Thank you all for sticking with me and reaching the end of this. I love you all and I hope you’ve all had a lovely Thanksgiving filled with lots of love, food, and happiness! May the blessings continue to pour out and fill you with great joy. Lots of love ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—



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