Friday the 13th 2015

There are many times where I wish I could scream and the whole world would hear me and feel all the pain my voice held. I’m an optimistic person most of the time, but like everyone else, I have good days and bad days. 
Today was just a day that I couldn’t wrap my head around. Last night, Paris made the news again. Terrosists attacked 6 different venues and many people were hurt and killed. They closed the French borders and turned off the lights of the Eiffel Tower. Different countries all around are showing their support by lighting up their big venues with the colors of the French flag. Times like these you never realise how lucky you are to be alive, but even then how lucky are you really? Nobody is safe if you think about it. No country can be safe from the dangers of our world. We could stop it, but it’d take all of our countries to unite as one. 
Today. Not my day. The morning started out with rain clouds filling up our Texas sky looking like they were about ready to start pouring water out of them at any minute. I woke up and got ready to shower. As I was rinsing off, getting ready to step out and wrap myself into a towel, I was just hoping that today would be a better day. 
The news of Paris just kept whacking me in the face and I couldn’t seem to wrap my head around the thought of why people would act so foolishly without reasoning. But then, I realised.
 These terrosists aren’t just attacking for no specific reason. Obviously they had to have had something happen when they were younger that scarred them for life and caused them to become the monsters they are today. I agree, it isn’t right. But just like you and me, they have daily struggles aswell. And although they could deal with their problems in a more human and natural way, they’re taking their anger out on the world. They blame us for whatever happened in the past, but what they don’t understand is that nobody is responsible for their past and their foolish acts other than themselves. They’re gonna be the ones receiving judgement over their acts, we won’t be receiving judgement over their acts, but ours. The foolish acts we pursue are on our own and are no way anybody else’s fault other than ours.
But like any other day, you get through it. And as I go day by day, I start realising just how much shorter life is getting. It isn’t getting any longer. And I would fear to hold a grudge against something and/or someone for so long, it would tear me up like an animal clawing at my insides.
The worst fear I have is making the biggest mistake of my life, and then in a split second God comes and the next thing I know, I’m being condemned to Hell by my Saviour and Creator. That is what would hurt me the most. Is having my life on a dead end with no choice of getting back up and redoing that moment over again to make it right.
That’s why no matter how clichè the saying is, I stand by every single word and true meaning behind it. Never take life for granted because life is too short. Meaning, your heart, mind, body, and soul is a sacred ground and be content with what you have, not wishing for the things you don’t receive. Your life could end in a split second, and because you weren’t thankful for what you have and were just thinking about all that you couldn’t have, that is the sin of all sins.

Another secret of life. Don’t take life for granted, life is way too short, and trust me, it doesn’t get any longer.
#PrayforParis #PrayforourWorld #WorldPeace 💜✨


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